Library Management

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With this fully automated library management solution, your librarian can catalogue books, maintain records of book issued, returned, and overdue. This software solution easily handles the maintenance of the library media collections including books, CDs, documents, equipment, etc. Options for media entry, author details, publisher details, supplier details are also provided. By using this fully computerized library management system, the librarian can categorize books, keep a track of the book issued, submitted in time and the ones delayed. SmartLib effortlessly takes care of the maintenance of the collection of the data. Even the libraries with numerous books and magazines can be transformed into systematic resources of knowledge. The excessive cost of the maintenance of a physical library can be reduced with the application of Library Management System.


Error Free and Transparent Library Transactions

Generate Comprehensive Reports

Magazines or journal entry

Meterial Reservation by Priority

Fee payment and receipt generation

Search for a member/books in library

Enter new media category and its type

Online/Offline read options are available

Record the fees collected and dues of the members

Librarians can keep track of all the library circulations

Issue, reservation, return, and renewal the materials

Student, Staff, Admin logins

Members can rate books and renew books online

Members are provided with a login name and password using which they can access the library catalogue from any remote location through the internet

Members can search for different media, journal and magazines by using media type, title, author, publisher, subject/category or keywords


Book Bibliography – Order by barcode/book

Book details reports – Order by barcode/book

Member reports, Category reports

Media reports, Supplier reports, Author reports

Publisher reports, Department wise media reports

Shelf -Rack report

Issue Report, Returned Report, Reservation reports

Lost or Damage Reports – Member wise, Date wise

Fee Report – Media wise, Member wise

Pending Fee Report – Member wise

Returned reports: Status wise, Member wise,

Expected Return reports: Member wise, Media wise

Members can rate books and renew books online

Expected Return Report (Date wise) – Media wise, Member wise, Category wise, Reader type wise.