Online Admission

Online Admission System for Education Institutions

The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the academic institutes (school, colleges, and universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually. It is difficult to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable.

Managing admissions can be a huge task for a university or institutions. There are the university/institution where entire admission process is handled manually, which is very slow and time-consuming. Now, it’s high time to leave behind such traditional processes and go with computerized automated student online admission system or e-Admission to speed up and make processes easy.

Our online admission system integrates technology with the administrative/education process and is beneficial for both the institution and the students alike. It acts as a new achievement factor in addition to traditional sources of advantages.

Why Online Admission?

Every year, students in thousands stand in queues for collecting admission / application forms and then again for submitting the admission / application forms. This leads to problems in – managing the applications, handle queries, & distribution of forms, collection of forms and then short-listing the candidates resulting in annoyed parents and students alike.


Works 24 X 7

Customizable Real Time Reports

No Geographical Boundary

No Long Queues

Less Paper Work

Only Eligible Candidate Can Apply

Precise And Reliable


This module supports various modern technologies such as – Online Payment Gateway, auto SMS, and auto Email for student admission application and confirmation of admission.

It is a fully integrated multi-user system with full protection against unauthorized access. It provides secured, accurate, & timely information to users at all levels for better decision making.

Man Power Saving – Institutes don’t need to allot additional manpower to manage heavy crowd.

No longer require printing & storing forms.

No longer require to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.

Rapid & Flexible

Real-time reports & graphs for analysis