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We offer Simplify Payroll and HR Time Management Systems so that employees may clock in and out online (subject to administrative approval).

We offer a full online payroll application which is much more efficient and accurate than traditional payroll by paper check.

Our payroll system will easily allocate earnings, stipends, honorariums, and other types of income to different departments efficiently with one click.

From one screen you can access all employee information such as pay rates, and taxes, deductions, accruals, and HR information to make quick updates. In addition, you can use our Batch Editing feature for group updates on accruals, deductions, pay rates, Workers’ Comp codes and more.

With over 250 custom fields you can track employee information specific to your business. Track training, certification, company property, FMLA, EEO statistics and more that can all be reported on with our robust Report Writer. You also receive many Standard Reports after every payroll. Simplifi Payroll and HR doesn’t purge your data for terminated or current employees so you always have digital access to your historical information (previous employees are stored as “inactive”). We make tracking HR information easy so you don’t have to run two systems in your school.

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Guaranteed Performance

100% Satisfaction. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We guarantee you a stress-free payroll service. We are High Tech With a Personal Touch!

Payroll Conversion Guarantee. We promise you a smooth integration process. We’ve integrated hundreds of new clients and have developed a process that works! If we don’t meet this goal of smooth integration we will give you the first month’s processing of your payroll free.

On-Time Processing Guarantee. We promise to process and deliver your payroll in a timely way. If we do not deliver on the agreed-upon date, we will refund your fee for the entire month.

100% Accuracy Guarantee. We promise that our payroll service will be 100% accurate. If we do not process your payroll 100% accurately based on the information you submit, we will refund your fee for the entire month.

No Payroll Tax Penalty Guarantee. As long as your payroll information is submitted accurately and your account is properly funded, we guarantee you no payroll tax penalties.

30-Minute Callback Guarantee. If you don’t reach a live person when you call during regular business hours, we promise to call you back within 30 minutes.