Transport Management

In Transport Management system parents can easily get updated by using the ERP portal, as like students live location, Vehicle route/ stoppage, vehicle location, fare collection, documents renewal, student allocation and parent’s alert all  the important updates they can easily manage in a single click. 

In India more than 78% schools have a student count ranging from 1000 to 2000 students. For students to reach school on time, Parents sent their children to school by bus. These busses are managed by the school on an everyday basis, very often in news and other print media. We find troublesome an traumatic stories about school bus accident and mishaps.

Reportedly ,schools which have school management system to manage their school bus routing, tracking and maintenance have a lesser rate of accidents. Many schools find benefits in opting for a management solution which keeps student’ safely and health a priority.


Employee Registration / Route Configuration

Defined Pick-up and Drop-down points with timings

Route wise separate fees booking

Route wise student allocation

Report based on route wise student list

Vehicle route/ time settings

Vehicle service details

Employee allocation

Route stage creation

Add/ edit/ delete the routes of vehicle

Add destination and cost details

Add/ edit/ delete vehicle details

Get Transport details

Pay Transport fees student wise/ staff wise

Handle vehicle fare- route wise/ distance wise/ stop wise or fixed

Choose term of fare Collection

Dynamic route, stop, vehicle handling

Attach stops to routes and busses to stops on your own

Reminder for insurance, pollution, permit etc. dates

Any charge is defined with Effective from [ date ] tag

In case of any breakdown of a bus- send SMS to parents

facility to change bus

Bus repairing/ maintenance

Employee Registration / Route Configuration


Conveyance report

Vehicle abstract report

Vehicle trip report

Bus pass

Route wise report

Vehicle details report

Vehicle service details

Vehicle insurance and tax report

Fare Collection Report

Due Report

Route wise Student List

Route Wiuse Employee List

Vehicle Document Report

Stoppage wise Vehicle List