User Portals

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Multiple ERP Portals

Every unique users have their rights to access the System. The Trustee, Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher, Student and other Non-Technical Staff will have different features specially designed for the particular user, according to their Academic activities. This help declutter the desk as well as the school website.

Benefits for Administrator

An easy way to manage Inventory for administration.

Administrations can manage admission process easily with the one-access digital system.

Admin can assign different rights to different users.

Schedule and arrange Salary Disbursements for a heavy amount of work-force.

Comprehensive solution for each and every module of an institution.

Create, Maintain and View Employee Salary slip, send Reports, Upload and Download other documents.

Cost-effective metrics give better results in terms of manpower and money.

Administration can view all types of Accounting and Financial Reports.

Get connected to every person associated with an institution.

Complete integrated HR module with Payroll and Finance management.

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers can assign different tasks and lessons.

Get notified to the group of students/class as per convenience.

Complete online attendance system.

Create, Maintain and View student documents,also can Upload and Download Reports and Exam Results.

Get real-time notifications of every new update.

Teachers can create Online Exam papers, with proper planning and scheduling of Exam Time-table.

Better features to handle multiple responsibilities on single platform.

Better communication with students and parents.

Teachers can provide everyday circulars. Thus, Parents and Students can personally check the notification on their account.

Benefits for Students/Parents

Simple architecture and easy to understand for students.

Tracking and monitoring of records for every single entity.

Get daily notifications of every new update.

Unique Id and Password for every user.

Manage tasks, leaves, events at single platform.

View Canteen menu items on everyday routine.

Admin can assign different rights to different users.